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Cork: Harvested Sustainably in Portugal

CORK IS THE NEW LEATHER: It's not only fashionable, but cork is also durable, lightweight, water and stain resistant and best of all, natural, organic, and sustainable...This amazing material is the hip, green alternative to leather.

Ancient forests of cork oak (Quercus suber) in Portugal’s Alentejo region produce more than half of the world’s cork supply. The medium-sized evergreens live between 150 to 250 years. Trees can first be harvested for cork, which doesn’t harm the tree, at about 25 years of age. Subsequent harvests, after the bark has regrown, are made at nine to 12 year intervals; about 12 times in a tree’s lifetime. It is truly the tree that keeps on giving. 

CORK CARE: If your bag gets a little dirty from normal usage or sustains a scuff mark or stain, simply scrub with a small brush dipped in a mild soap and water solution. That should do the trick!

REFUND POLICY: EcoCork does not issue refunds unless the item is structurally defective, and returned within two weeks of purchase. If you would like to exchange your item, we will gladly to credit you with a similar product of equal or lesser value.

Cork Is Good Karma!